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Performance women's outerwear like mono suits, jackets, bibs, gloves, boots, helmets and layering from TOBE are designed for all winter activities like snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, snowbiking, snowkiting and more. TOBE Outerwear Men's gear will keep you warm, dry and safe all winter. 

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Capto Gauntlet V2 Glove, Jet Black | TOBE Outerwear

Capto Gauntlet V2, Jet Black

Ever heard the phrase “in too deep?” With the Capto Gauntlet, this phrase simply does not apply. Whether you’re up to your ankles or your shoulders, the Gauntlet will not allow any snow, sleet, ice or rain anywhere near your hands. The top of the hand is shielded by 40 grams of Thinsulate™ insulation and the same 45,000mm Sympatex® Membrane found in all our 2.0 outerwear, making the Capto Gauntlet completely waterproof and windproof. One continuous piece of high-quality leather is applied directly to the palm to provide a reactive fit and feel. Fasten the cinch cord securely and you’re ready to dive in.
TOBE Capto Light Glove Jet Black | TOBE Outerwear

Capto Light, Jet Black

The Capto Light is the most agile glove we have ever created. Constructed with the active rider in mind, the Capto Light’s shell construction features a windproof membrane and high-quality leather, which offers a comfortable and durable second-skin fit for instant response.

Feather light, pure performance.
Capto Mid Glove, Urban Camo | TOBE Outerwear

Capto Mid, Urban Camo

The Capto Mid is a midweight, lightly-insulated snowmobile glove. This durable snowmobile glove is built for active riders who prefer a low-profile silhouette. The high-quality leather and adjustable wrist closure ensure exceptional fit, feel, comfort and warmth.
Capto Undercuff V2 Glove, Dark Ink | TOBE Outerwear

Capto Undercuff V2, Jet Black

If you have never stopped to appreciate the complexity and importance of your hands and fingers, that’s okay because we have. The Capto Undercuff is designed to maximize the utility of your hands, while keeping them warm, dry and safe. One continuous piece of high-quality leather is applied directly to the palm of the Capto Undercuff to provide a reactive fit and feel. The top of the hand is shielded by 40 grams of Thinsulate™ insulation and the same 45,000mm Sympatex® membrane found in all our 2.0 Series outerwear, making the Capto Undercuff completely waterproof and windproof. Sealed at the wrist with a neoprene cuff and velcro closure, they’ll fit under the cuff of any jacket. If you need to remove your gloves for any reason, they'll hang by your side, and out of the snow, thanks to the removable elastic wrist harness. The devil is in the details.
Cordus Boot Jet Black-main

Cordus Boot, Jet Black

The Cordus Boot’s sole aim is keeping your feet completely warm, dry, safe and comfortable on every ride. This exceptional snowmobile boot has the Sympatex® Moisture-Tech membrane built-in to the design to ensure your feet are always 100% dry. The low-profile toe box makes this boot uniquely suited for snowbikers, as shifting in the Cordus is second nature. The snowbike-compatible toe box is also heavily reinforced to protect the top of the foot from impacts.

The dual zone Boa® Fit System uses Boa’s strongest, most durable, SS2 lace for exceptional reliability and peace of mind in the backcountry. With just a few turns of the Boa® coiler, the Cordus Boot offers a customizable fit for every rider. The long-lasting, proven performance of the proprietary rubber outsoles found on previous TOBE snowmobile and snowbike boots has also been further enhanced for the Cordus Boot.

The Cordus Boot is best suited for narrow-to-medium foot profiles. Pair the Cordus Boot with a Woolpower Merino Sock appropriate for the day’s conditions to guarantee unmatched warmth, moisture-wicking performance and comfort.
Corium Heavy Leather Glove, Jet Black | TOBE Outerwear

Corium Heavy, Jet Black

Built with extreme cold in mind. The Corium Heavy is a full-leather gauntlet glove designed to keep the elements out and the warmth in. The high-quality leather exterior offers exceptional grip and fit. The 40 grams of Thinsulate™ insulation on top of the hand and 45,000mm Sympatex® membrane work together to ensure a warm, completely weatherproof experience.

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